Loading Dock Maintenance

Scheduled Loading Dock Maintenance

Sims Overhead Doors and Loading Docks, in Calgary and Edmonton, has maintenance programs for the prevention of downtime due to loading dock equipment breakdown or failure.

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Loading dock scheduled preventative maintenance can improve productivity, prevent injuries while increasing safety of loading dock equipment and help curtail unplanned shutdowns for repair.

Reduce Breakdowns and Downtime

Studies show aging equipment is the leading cause of unplanned downtimes. Furthermore committing to planned maintenance programs enables you to evaluate equipment needing repair or replacement parts, allowing you to schedule service for the equipment during the hours most convenient for your facility.

Loading Dock Maintenance Benefits

  • Increased safety for employees when equipment is maintained by trained, experienced technicians
  • Increase efficiency of material handling process
  • Prevent replacement costs for equipment failure
  • Reduce overtime cost with regularity scheduled maintenance
  • Inspection documentation for proof of corrected issues or problems
  • Increase profitability and production with fewer shutdowns

Proactive Maintenance Strategies

Sims Overhead Doors and Loading Docks can help you design a proactive approach to identify potential issues that could lead to hazardous situations and to keep equipment in good running order.

Maintenance does include upfront cost for servicing and parts but the cost is offset and mitigated with less equipment replacement and fewer expensive repairs when using a proactive approach rather than being reactive.

Loading dock maintenance can also protect owners and managers who could be held liable if tools, equipment and the workplace are not properly maintained.

Complete Loading Dock Maintenance

Sims Overhead Doors and Loading Docks provides thorough regular maintenance plans and assessment coverage of all equipment and areas pertaining to the loading dock.

We evaluate, inspect and test the following loading dock equipment parts and components:

  • Loading dock levellers
  • Vehicle restraints
  • Weather seals and sensors
  • Loading dock bumpers
  • Welded joints and fabricated metal including frame and subframe
  • Hydraulic checks
  • Fasteners, hinges, chains, pins, springs and power modules
  • Control boxes, wiring and conduit
  • Main ramp controls or hold-down assemblies
  • Signs and light boxes
  • Lubrication of parts to manufacturers specifications
  • Fluid level checks
  • Cleaning of areas that can excessively be worn by debris and dirt

Expert Service Technicians

Sims Overhead Doors and Loading Docks has been serving Calgary and area since 1962 and 2023 in Edmonton - trust us for top-notch, professional loading dock maintenance servicing.

Loading Dock Repair

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Sims Overhead Doors provides fast, reliable repair of loading docks. Call for expert help from our trained technicians.

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