Fire Shutters and Fire Doors

Fire Rated Steel Doors
Installation, Repair and Testing

Fire shutters and doors are becoming more common in commercial buildings as an effective approach to reduce fire damage. Fire shutters and doors help to mitigate the spread of fire, limiting the damage and preventing its spread through other areas, until firefighters arrive on the scene.

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Fire Shutters vs Fire Doors

There are differences between fire shutters and doors although they both are designed to slow the fire from escalating.

Fire doors are placed where they shut-off a hallway or doorway and common areas of a building. Fire doors are also rated to withstand a fire for a set amount of time. Fire doors include horizontal sliding doors, fire curtains and conventional fire-rated swinging doors.

Fire shutters are intended for windows or other building openings although a typical segmented rolling steel door is commonly called a shutter regardless if it covers a window or door.

Fire shutters and doors need to be inspected and tested annually to stay up to code.

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Fire Shutter Operation

Fire shutters are automatically deployed and depending on type or features, may be triggered by the fire alarm system or by heat detection or smoke alarm - some have both.

Shutters are designed to close quickly with some shutters closing most but not all the way allowing occupants to escape under the shutter opening while also acting as a smoke barrier.

Shutters and doors are manufactured with fire-rated materials, stronger than typical security shutters, to resist high temperatures caused by fire.

Fire Shutter Door
Fire Shutter Door

Fire Shutters and Doors

Sims & MHS fire doors and shutters are available in a variety of gauges, slat profiles, and colours. You can also choose from features such as:

  • Fail-safe, time-delayed releases
  • Smoke detectors
  • Audible warning systems
  • Visual warning systems

Sims Fire Shutter Services

Fire Shutter, Fire Door Installation

It’s critical that fire shutters and doors are installed by experienced professionals so that the products work when needed. Sims Overhead Doors can customize shutters and doors to fit the precise requirements for your project. We have skilled technicians who provide installation services for many commercial and industrial clients in Calgary and Edmonton.


When repairing a fire shutter or door replacement parts must be manufacturer-approved in order that the shutter or door maintains its original condition and works as designed.

Maintenance and Testing

Fire shutters are required to be inspected and drop-tested at regular intervals in order to meet commercial building codes. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure regular testing to confirm that everything is operating and nothing is faulty or damaged.

Our service and drop-testing is inexpensive and will provide you with the certainty of safety if ever needed.

Sims Overhead Doors will inspect and make adjustments to all parts and components, lubricate as needed, verify the door is operational and provide documentation confirmation.