High Speed Doors

High-Performance Doors for Demanding Entrance Solutions

Sims Overhead Doors provides high speed (also known as high-performance) doors to many businesses and industries in Calgary and Edmonton. Our high-speed doors operate up to 7 times faster than standard overhead doors. They're able to withstand a greater number of opening and closing cycles for lasting durability and require less maintenance and repairs than conventional doors.

We are high-speed door specialists who can install high-performance overhead doors both vertically and horizontally to customize the opening to best suit your business needs and practice.

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High Speed Overhead Doors

Maintenance and Expert Repair

Sims Overhead Doors has regular maintenance plans, to keep your doors operating efficiently, and we can repair all types of high-speed commercial doors.

We have professional technicians, with years of experience, and technical know-how can help you resolve any issues or problems you may encounter with all types of commercial doors - including high-speed doors.

High-Speed Door Innovations



High-performance doors have safety features and engineering which can augment safe operation for demanding commercial and industrial applications specific to your workplace.


Our high-speed doors are built with the best available parts and materials. For the best in uninterrupted operation and durability these doors are unequaled.

Low Maintenance

Our high-performance doors are low-maintenance and breakdown less than other types of overhead doors despite being capable of continual high-use operation.

Advanced Functionality

High-speed doors can offer increased security and are energy efficient and can be custom-designed to allow for maximum productivity.


High-speed doors are essential for many businesses in Calgary and Edmonton who need to frequently open and close doors quickly in cold-weather conditions. Constructed with premium parts and seals, high-performance doors can minimize heat-loss from buildings maximizing energy efficiency and outperform conventional doors in extreme operational situations.

High-Speed Door Products

Sims Overhead Doors has some of the best-engineered high-speed doors for commercial and industrial applications. Our doors can withstand all types of Alberta weather conditions. We have doors for high-traffic applications, low-maintenance requirements, reduced air infiltration, improved energy efficiency and industrial doors needing strength and durability.


MaxSpeed™ Commercial High-speed Door
Designed for continuous operation featuring heavy-duty curtain, minimal maintenance, industrial strength and high-speed operation


MaxDock™ Commercial High-speed Door
Impactable breakaway-system design with heavy-duty rubber curtain - durable, secure, low-maintenance and ease of use for loading docks


MaxPro™ Commercial High-speed Door
High-performance quality-engineered rubber door that’s reliable with one million cycle rating for drive system and breakaway door design


MaxClean™ Commercial High-speed Door
High-speed vinyl doors to reduce air infiltration designed for quickly sealing interior openings and able to withstand accidental impacts


MaxSeal™ Commercial High-speed Door
Interior and exterior, energy-saving, vinyl doors with opening speeds of 48 inches per second, quickly and quietly, with breakaway doors


MaxSteel Commercial High-speed Door
High-performance 22 gauge steel doors engineered for strength and durability with speeds up to 24 inches per second and 3 year warranty

Businesses that Choose High-Performance Doors

High-performance doors are essential for many commercial and industrial businesses with entrances having specific demands. These can include cold storage facilities, cleanrooms, aviation hangers and buildings needing to repress the harsh winter temperatures outside.

Benefits of High Speed Doors

While high-speed doors aren’t for all applications you may benefit by selecting high-performance doors if your business fits the following criteria.

  • Your business loses money when the door is inoperable
  • Your building requires temperatures to remain consistent
  • Productivity is impacted by the door opening or closing
  • Productivity is reduced during peak times of entrance and exits of door
  • You want to reduce energy costs
  • You want to reduce expenditures including regular door maintenance and servicing
  • A number of vehicles enter/exit the building frequently

Commercial and Industrial Business Sectors

Sims Overhead Doors serves many industries and has provided high-speed doors for many commercial and industrial enterprises in diverse sectors including:

Farm Tractor icon
Car Dealerships
Car Dealership icon
Mining Industry
Mining Haul Truck icon
Public Transportation
Public Bus icon
Warehouse Facilities
Warehouse icon
Aviation Industry
Airplane in Hanger icon
Parking Garages
Car in Public Parking Garage icon
Heavy Equipment Industry
Front End Loader icon
Manufacturing Companies
Manufacturing Plant icon
Distribution Centres
Distribution Warehouse icon

Call Sims Overhead Doors to see what high-performance doors can do for your business.

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