Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Calgary

Sims Overhead Doors provides regularly scheduled maintenance plans for commercial overhead doors. You can help to safeguard your doors and keep them operational while lowering the risk of breakdown and repair - extending the life of your overhead doors and their components.

Our team of technicians are skilled and experienced in providing expert workmanship. We can diagnose and detect issues to help prevent costly repairs or new replacement door installation.

Our maintenance contracts are easy to understand and will detail a thorough checklist of service provided during our visit.

Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance Services

Maintenance of doors include:

  • Inspect and test door tracks, rollers and cables and make necessary adjustments
  • Look for cracks or damaged hinges
  • Check torsion spring
  • Inspect extension spring doors and cable drums on torsion spring doors
  • Lubricate all components/parts as recommended by manufacturer
  • Examine all seals and weather stripping
  • Look over brackets and hardware for excessive wear and tear or rust
  • Inspect adjust, repair or replace door operators
  • …and more depending on door type

We can help you service and maintain any type of commercial overhead door including roll up, sectional, high speed and mega doors.

Commercial Door Maintenance Benefits

Number 1,  reason for regular maintenance

Identify issues and reduce likelihood of door failure and expensive repairs

Number 2,  reason for regular maintenance

Increase the lifespan of your overhead door and components

Number 3,  reason for regular maintenance

Assist in keeping your doors operating smoothly and efficiently

Number 4,  reason for regular maintenance

Increased workplace safety, productivity and efficiency