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Sims Overhead Doors has been providing expert garage door repair in Calgary since 1962 and 2023 in Edmonton. We are a leading garage door company in the province offering repairs, installation and servicing along with excellent customer care.

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We can repair and service all types of residential garage doors and we dispatch trained and experienced technicians. Sims Overhead doors uses quality parts and components for all garage door repairs. We stand behind our repair work and you can count on us to get your garage door working again as quickly as possible.

We also provide overhead garage door maintenance to safeguard your garage door and keep it operational preventing repairs with regular inspection and servicing. We offer reasonable repair rates and we’ll do everything needed to get your garage door working as soon as possible.

Garage Door Repairs

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Sims Garage Door Repair

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Our technicians are trained and certified to professionally install or repair residential overhead garage doors that will operate safely and reliably

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We’ve been providing residential overhead garage door services since 1962 with quality products and parts along with custom design solutions

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We’re leaders for residential overhead garage door service and repair in Calgary and Edmonton with expertise in overhead doors of all types and sizes

Garage Door Repair Services

Our overhead garage door repair service is thorough and is guaranteed if the work is not done right. Our service includes repairs for:

  • Emergency garage door repair
  • Garage door repair for all types of overhead doors
  • Repair or replacement for garage door panels
  • Repair or replace garage door tracks
  • Garage door torsion spring replacement
  • Garage door hardware and component replacement
  • Replace glass on door panels
  • Replace garage door seals and weatherstripping
  • Garage door opener repair or replacements
  • New remotes and keypads for garage doors
  • Garage door safety inspection
  • Garage door locks and security features
  • Fix noisy garage doors

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

Garage door repair is most likely required if your garage door presents the following issues:

  1. Garage door is not opening or closing
  2. Damaged or broken cable, spring or rollers
  3. Broken hardware or garage door parts
  4. Unusual noises including the sound of grinding of metal

If your garage door is not working as designed you should have it serviced or inspected to avoid risk of injury or causing more damage to the overhead door.

Common Garage Door Repairs

All overhead garage doors will have parts or components that will inevitably fail over time. Allowing for quick repair will help to avoid serious or expensive servicing as the garage door can be inspected and serviced when a small repair is needed. Some maintenance can easily be completed by homeowners while other repairs should be tasked to professionals for safety reasons.

Simple Garage Door Maintenance Inspections

Inspect Rollers and Tracks

Visually inspect the rollers and tracks and make sure they don’t have excessive dirt or debris interfering with the door operation.

The rollers include bearings and they need to be lubricated on occasion. If you notice the rollers aren’t rolling smoothly and are still grinding or making unusual noises after lubrication there is a possibility they need to be replaced.

The tracks, typically affixed to the garage ceiling and along the sides of the door, are used by the rollers to guide the door fluently up and down. If the tracks are misaligned or slightly twisted it is best to call a reputable garage door repair company to have them repaired or replaced.

Test Garage Door Autoreverse Safety Feature

Garage doors by design have a autoreverse safety feature which stops the lowering of the door when it encounters an obstacle in its path. You should test this feature at least twice a year to ensure safe operation.

If the autoreverse and/or auto-stop feature no longer works you may have to consider a new garage door opener. One advantage for new garage door openers is that they can provide additional security with features such as rotating digital codes making it much more difficult to breach the door. Other features can also include ease of operation with computer devices from locations outside of the home.

Inspect and Check the Hardware

Make a visual assessment on all the hardware and components to make sure nothing is damaged or broken. Also do a quick check to make sure the screws and bolts are tight and that the brackets are aligned correctly. Replacement of some hardware may be necessary.

Inspect the cables and cable parts. If the cables or hardware appear to be fraying or slightly damaged they should be replaced as the cable supports almost the entire weight of the garage door and retains a significant amount of tension. This is also a job that requires a professional as it can be a dangerous procedure for someone inexperienced or unqualified.

Check the balance of the Garage Door to Test Springs

A garage door is counterbalanced in part by the torsion spring. By using the manual operation of the door, rather than the door opener, you should be able to ascertain if the door is unbalanced as it will be very difficult to move up and down. A well-balanced door should be able to be lifted up and down manually with just a few pounds of resistance.

Continued use of an unbalanced garage door will create more work-load for the opener and will likely cause operational-failure requiring replacement sooner than necessary.

Torsion springs are loaded by continuous pressure and as such they will eventually fail and need replacement. Because the springs under pressure can present a real danger for injury it is recommended to have a professional make this kind of repair.

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Older Outdated Garage Doors

Although its possible for a garage door to last decades it’s probably wise to have an older door and operators inspected for safety reasons alone. Older doors don’t always have to replaced and some safety features can be added which will help to avoid serious injury as garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds.

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Sims Overhead Doors has garage doors with endless styles and choices to find the perfect garage door for your home. Find garage doors in your budget and a style to compliment your home.


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