Commercial, Industrial & Residential Gate Repair

Sims repairs automatic electric gates for businesses and residences in Calgary and Edmonton. An automated gates' electrical and mechanical systems are subject to extreme weather and environmental conditions and are susceptible to breakdown over time.

Our gate repair technicians can help you get your gate repaired quickly and offer expert advice to reduce future service calls for repairs. We have the expertise, parts and tools to test components, diagnose problems and repair most gate issues promptly and efficiently.

In the event that repairs prove to be too costly, as can be the case with older gate systems, we can help you choose an upgrade and install all components necessary to get your gate operating safely.

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Commercial Gates

Industrial Gates

Residential Gates

Our technicians provide professional installation and repair of gates meeting the manufacturer’s installation requirements to ensure safe operation and maximum security capability.

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Regular Maintenance

We offer regular maintenance for automated gates which can be beneficial for commercial and industrial businesses looking to reduce repair costs. Regular maintenance will help to identify parts and components that are beginning to fail and reduce the cost of future repairs due to breakdown as well as ensuring the safe operation of the gate.

When you regularly maintain your gate, it will last for many more years, optimize its performance and save your business the inconvenience of downtime due to repairs.

Gate Repairs

Sims offers all types of repairs for electric gate systems.

We evaluate, inspect and diagnose all parts and components:

  • Damage Caused by Impact
  • Electrical and Wiring Failure
  • Noisy Sliding Gate Wheels
  • Broken or Bent Swing Gate Arms
  • Electronic Component Issues
  • Repairs to Components with Mechanical Wear and Tear
  • Motors and Housing Units
  • Remote Control and Accessory Replacements
  • Gate Alignment Problems
  • Bent or Damaged Gates
  • Solar Panels and Batteries
  • Replacement of Older Outdated Gates

Expert Service Technicians

Sims provides expert servicing and repairs for gates in Calgary and Edmonton.

Trust us for top-notch, professional gate installation, repairs and servicing.

Commercial and Industrial Gate Repair

  • Automated electric gate systems can begin to fail for any number of reasons. When you notice any issue that is unusual including sounds, slower or inconsistent movement, visible degradation of parts or components or misalignment of the gate you should have it repaired or serviced immediately.
  • Allowing the gate to operate when it’s not operating at 100% can compromise the safety of your employees and equipment. Gate repair can protect owners and managers from liability litigation due to safety neglect.

Gate Sales and Installation

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Call us for expert advice for reliable automated electric gate systems and all types of remote controls and accessories for gates.

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